Personal items

Most airlines allow one carry on bag and one extra personal item. A personal item should be stored under the seat in front of you and usually they allow items like:

  • a shoulder bag
  • or a backpack
  • or a laptop bag
  • or a briefcase
  • or a camera
  • or a diaper bag
  • or an other small item

Besides the one carry on and one personal item most airlines allow you to bring the following items on the plane:

  • Overcoat or wrap
  • Umbrella
  • A reasonable amount of reading material
  • A collapsible wheelchair
  • Child restraint seat meeting FAA approval standards
  • A limited amount of duty-free merchandise or food purchased in the airport
  • Assistive devices (a cane, one set of crutches, prescription medications and any medical devices needed to administer the medications, a portable oxygen concentrator (POC), etc.)