Best crowdfunded carry-on suitcases Trunkster vs Bluesmart

There are two interesting crowd funded carry-on suitcase projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo that are very successful in funding the production of the product. Lets hope both carry on suitcases will go in mass production soon so it will be in stores before this summer! Trunkster is funded at Kickstarter and has collected almost $ 1.3 million vs the Bluesmart suitcase that is featured at Indiegogo and has collected almost $ 1.9 million.

Bluesmart carry-on

Trunkster carry-on

Both suitcases have built in GPS for locating your suitcase if you lost it, a USB charging port for those traveling moments that your phone or tablet needs some more juice. If your buying some nice souvenirs while traveling you can pick up the carry-on an read the total weight so you know when to stop shopping. During the funding the Trunkster carry-on was sold for $ 295 and the Bluesmart for $280 both prices excluded shipping.

It will be interesting to see when the crowd funding ends and the suitcases are sold in store if they are popular and what the final retail price will be.

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